solar     We have Solar power, so we really appreciate it if guests are considerate and turn off lights when they come to the dining area in the evening. We have generator for back up, but it's a little noisy! Because of this we also have limited freezer/fridge space, as this is all gas and most of the time hard to come by in Zambia. Camping people must keep this in mind. No power outlets in chalets, but we have a special charging facility for cellphone, laptops and cameras etc
lock     We have Security guards at night, not that we need them, we lock nothing at the lodge as the staff are very trustworthy.
people     Our staff have been with us since 2002 and very friendly, helpful and polite.
drop     Our water is drinkable, although if one prefers bottled water it is available.
washing     We offer a laundry service, but it is done by hand with cold water, so we need at least a day for it to dry and in addition it is ironed with a charcoal iron. So in effect it takes at least 1 day to get your washing back, depending on the weather (sunshine) ! This is also available at a very minimal cost.
question     Any special requests regarding food, drinks can be done, but because of our geographical location we will need TIME to comply.
fuel     We can also supply fuel to guests with boats. Again with ample warning.